COGA Advertising
Client Profile: COGA (Combat Games) is a local Fight Promotion Company featuring local up and coming mixed martial arts competitors.
Objective: I was originally approached to refresh the old logo, and then hired to design event posters and web banners for each event.
Target Audience: Local casino entertainment managers. Local UFC and MMA fans. 
Solution: COGA - shorthand for Combat Games - represents power and breakthrough entertainment. The COGA brand promises elite level competition and world-class events that attract fans from all over the Northwest. Starting with the hard-hitting logo, each COGA touchpoint exudes adrenaline-laced passion and intensity. Our solution matches the intensity that loyal fans - from the local MMA Gyms to Social Media - bring with them to each event.
Result: The final logo solution was a hit with COGA, and I was subsequently hired to design the event posters and web ads. Since debuting the updated logo, COGA has gone on to dominate the local casino fight entertainment market. In 2016 they were acquired by Alliance MMA, who's initial public offering culminated becoming the only publicly traded MMA company to date.
Web: Fight Card Web Banners for COGA LXI Rumble on the Ridge
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