Client Profile: Jaydco Excavation is a small construction company specializing in excavation and grading.
Objective: I was approached to create a distinctive logo that communicated a clean, professional image.
Target Audience: Home Builders and General Contractors.
Solution: The Identity Wordmark is the main logotype. It features the words “JAYDCO EXCAVATION” in a distinctive type treatment. This Wordmark can be used at small scale, and is a complete identity in and of itself.
This Type (Avenir) was chosen specifically for it’s Clean and Bold characteristics. The form of each letter is Modern and Geometric. The simplicity of each letterform has a friendly feel, yet the weight sets a solid, reliable tone to communicate organization and professionalism. 
The simplicity of the lettering and the counter-space of the letter “D” presented an opportunity to give this wordmark a distinctive feature in the form of an excavator “bucket.” The simplicity of the lettering really allows this feature to stand out.
Result: The client was very pleased with the final solution.
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