Tee Shirt Illustration
Client Profile:  This was a personal project.
Objective: I was inspired to raise awareness and funding for the local Burned Children Recovery Foundation in Washington. This foundation is familiar to local bikers, so my goal was to spark conversation, raise funds, and leave people with a fun keepsake and warm feeling in their hearts.
Target Audience: Bike riders and dog lovers.
Solution: I decided to feature a large eye-catching dog with sunglasses and a helmet. With a few simple details I was able to give the impression that the dog was riding his own motorcycle, even though the head is the only visible part of the dog. The shirts went up for sale in a local Motorcycle Shop and at the Sage Creek Music Festival.
Result: The shirts sold for $15 each, and were a huge hit! The design sparked conversation and I was able to secure a sizable donation to the Burned Children Recovery Foundation.
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