Client Profile: SiteWorks, LLC is a local Northwest construction company specializing in Excavation, Public Utilities and Plat Development.
Objective: Siteworks, LLC approached me to help launch their proprietary estimation program called AccuEstimation™.
Target Audience: Their highly targeted audience was comprised of 24 Bankers (construction loan officers), Investors (for land development), and Realtors that deal with land sales. This audience was compiled from a short list of local business contacts vetted and deemed qualified by the client, four weeks prior to the first mailing.
Solution: The goal was to introduce both Siteworks and AccuEstimation™ to a highly targeted audience by identifying the major pain points of the market and skillfully communicating how AccuEstimation ™ can alleviate those major pain points. We also wanted to create excitement among recipients and provide a lasting - 5-Sense reminder - of Siteworks, LLC services to generate future business.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The mailing was a self-contained display, that when opened featured clear messaging on the inside lid declaring: “Property Development Projects are High Stakes Investments. Don’t Gamble Your Budget Away on Unforeseen Delays and Expenses. Siteworks, LLC AccuEstimation™ is a SURE BET.” The box contained a green felt “casino table” interior with 3 theme supporting promotional products. All three were imprinted with “Siteworks, LLC AccuEstimation™ is a Sure Bet.” The three products were two branded Dice tins containing Red Hots candy, a stainless-steel Playing Card bottle opener, and a Casino Chip USB Flash Drive loaded with a short introductory Power Point presentation.
Recipients were enticed by a small tab to “keep digging” if they were “feeling lucky” allowing them to pull the “casino table” up with ease, exposing a personalized introduction letter informing them of the Power Point presentation on the Casino Chip Flash Drive. Also included was a Full Color Tri-Fold Brochure about Siteworks and additional literature on AccuEstimation™. The client mailed approximately 5 boxes per week for 5 weeks to allow adequate time for follow-up. We instructed the client to follow-up with a phone call a day or two after the package was scheduled to arrive, to confirm they received it and to introduce herself personally.
Our total budget for the direct mail promotion was $5,000 and we spent approximately $4,000 on the entire program coming in under budget by $1,000. In all approximately $1,300 was spent on promotional products and printed collateral for the promotion mailings.
Result: Throughout the 5-Week mailing period, 24 boxes were mailed. 7 recipients contacted our client immediately upon receiving the package, prior to the follow-up call – making for a 29% response rate. 17 more (100%) were receptive to the promotion and follow-up. The mailing yielded 4 New Clients and 7 Potential Clients. This new business has generated 4 New Projects for Siteworks, LLC project management totaling $4.1 Million, and 6 new AccuEstimation™ Packages worth approximately $150,000.
In addition to the successful campaign results, my company won the prestigious PPAI Pyramid Award for Creative Excellence and was featured in our national trade publication PPB Magazine.
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