Identity & Package Design
Client Profile:  The HR Project celebrates the life and legacy of Howard Roberts - or “HR” - the legendary Hollywood studio guitar session player who was at one time considered “The Most Frequently Heard Guitar Player in the World.”
Objective: The objective was to create the Branding and Packaging for a CD and DVD to be released in 2015. The project needed a focal point to start from, so I worked to create an Identity. From that point, CD and DVD Packaging was needed for the end product. Additional items like Tee Shirts and Event Posters would follow. In addition to print graphics, I was also asked to help produce the HR Project Trailer and design the Website:
Target Audience: Howard Roberts fans and Jazz Guitar enthusiasts worldwide.
Solution: I had the honor and privilege of Branding the project, as well as designing the CD and DVD packaging. Based upon market research, we chose a sophisticated yet approachable look and feel to reflect audience taste.
Result: The client was very pleased with the final product, and so were the fans! It was brought to our attention on several occasions how long people have waited to hear the story of this incredibly influential music pioneer.
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